Frankincense and sandalwood incense
White candle
A fig (fresh if possible)
A fresh egg
A clear glass bowl
A marker pen
Your boline
A trowel


This spell uses symbolism in the use of the fig and egg, but also ancient methods of acknowledgement in the offering to the Earth Mother for fertility. Crops were often offered to the goddess in the hope of a good harvest and in this spell that hope is for new life. The spell is best done at the time of the New Moon or in spring time when the Goddess of Fertility is commemorated.

Spell Casting

Light your incense and the candle. Put the egg on the left and the fig on the right, the bowl in the middle. Draw a symbol of your child on the egg.

Very carefully break the egg into the bowl and place the empty shell on the left side again. Make a small cut in the fig with your boline and carefully scrape the seeds into the bowl.

Place the remains of the fig into the egg shell to represent the physical baby within the womb and again replace it on the left side.

With your finger, stir the contents of the bowl clockwise three times and say:

"As these two become one
May the Goddess and the God
Bless our union with child"

Leave the bowl in the middle and allow the candle to burn out. Take the bowl and the eggshell with its contents to a place where you can safely bury them. (Your own garden is good if you have one otherwise a quiet secluded spot.)

Place the eggshell in the ground and pour -over it the contents of the bowl. As you cover it with earth say:

"I offer to Mother Earth
A symbol of fertility
In love and gratitude for her bounty"

Now await developments without anxiety.

This spell is full of symbolism. The fig represents not only fertility, but also is thought to feed the psyche that part of us that some call the soul. The egg is an ancient symbol of fertility and indeed of the beginning of life. Bringing the two together acknowledges your sense of responsibility for the continuation of life

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