Drawing Out a Latent Talent


A small drawstring bag about 10 cms (3 inches)
Liquorice root powder
Rose hips


This charm is to bring out an existing talent and develop a potential, not give you one you don’t already have. If you have a secret ambition you might try this spell. It uses herbs as its vehicle and could be done at the time of the Crescent Moon.

Spell Casting

Put a pinch or two of the liquorice root, rose -hips, fennel, catnip and elderflower in the bag. Once assembled, hang the bag outdoors at -dusk. At midnight, remove the bag and place it -around your neck. If you like you can make -an affirmation before you sleep. Say these words or similar:

"As I sleep, I shall learn of my best potential".

You must then wear the charm bag for a full twenty-four hours to allow the spell to work. After that time you can place the charm bag under your pillow the night before anything important is to happen when you feel youneed some extra help in reaching your goals. Sleeping and dreaming are often the best way we have of self-development. Most of us have secret ambitions but are prevented by doubts from succeeding. This spell helps to make those fears irrelevant.

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