Cleansing the Aura




This spell is a cleansing one which uses nothing but sound and can be done anywhere though the open air is better. It will depend on your own sense of yourself what sound you use but the one given is known to be successful

Spell Casting

Find a spot in which you feel comfortable -within your open space.  It will depend on what you are attempting to -get rid of which spot is better. Be sure to take-plenty of time over choosing this until it feels-absolutely right.  Settle yourself comfortably on the ground. Take a big deep breath and then breathe out. Your breath out should be slightly longer -than the in breath. Do this three times to clear your lungs 

Now take a further deep breath and this time -as you exhale say as loudly as you can: "Ahh Ee Oo". Repeat the sounds at least twice more -increasing in intensity each time until you are actually screaming If you can, continue for two more sets of three  (nine times in all, though six is fine.)

Finally sit quietly, place your hands on the  earth or the floor, re-orientate yourself in your surroundings and absorb fresh energy as you-do so. Become aware of the sounds around you.  Leave the area. 

This is quite a powerful technique and you do need to be quiet for the rest of the day, so that you can allow the energy to settle. The technique is a good way to deal with the frustrations of your everyday world and often results in being able to look at things from a different perspective.
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