To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted- Admirer


Vervain leaves
A fierce fire


Occasionally people get into a situation where they are being pursued by someone whose attention is a nuisance. Rather than reacting in anger, it is often easier to open the way for the unwanted suitor to leave. This spell, done on a Waning Moon - often does the trick

Spell Casting

Light a fire. Pick up the vervain and as you do so call out the name of the offending person. Fling the leaves on the fire and say: "Withdraw from me now I need you not". There is a requirement to declaim passionately, and to use some force, in any spell that is designed to drive someone from you. Therefore, be very sure that you do not wish this person to be in your life in any way.

Ensure the fire is properly and safely extinguished. Repeat the action three nights in a row. Preferably this spell should be performed outside,but it can be also be performed indoors if you have a suitable fireplace and provided you are careful.Strictly, one is supposed to gather the vervain leaves, though with urban living this is a bit of a tall order. Make sure you have at least a couple of handfuls of the dried herb.
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