To Win the Heart of the One You Love


Onion bulb
Your burin
New flower pot
Earth or compost


This is a very old folklore spell. Using a bulb is symbolic of love growing unseen and unrecognized for a time, finally flowering at the right time. You cannot simply leave it alone, but must tend it carefully if it is to grow successfully.

Spell Casting

Scratch the name of the one you love on the base of the bulb with your burine. Plant it in earth in the pot. Place the pot on a windowsill, if possible facing the direction in which your sweetheart lives.

Over the bulb, repeat the name of the one you desire morning and night until the bulb takes root, begins to shoot and finally blooms.Say the following incantation whenever you think of the other person:

"May its roots grow,
May its leaves grow,
May its flowers grow,
And as it does so,
(Name of person) s love grow."

You do need patience for this spell and you may wel lfind that you lose the impetus for the relationship before the spell is complete. This would suggest the relationship may not be right for you.
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