Freeze Out


Magically charged paper and pen
Water in a bowl


There are many ways of ‘freezing people out’,and this one which uses ice is good since it will only last as long as the ice remains frozen. The spell should only be used to prevent harm to yourself and others, not to bring harm to anyone else. It is only used if you know the name of the person involved. A good time to do the spell would be with the waning Moon.

Spell Casting

Write the name of the person concerned in the middle of the paper. Fold the paper away from you at least four times all the while sensing the persons influence waning. Dunk the paper in the water until it is well soaked. Leave it overnight if necessary.

Put the wet paper into your ice compartment or freezer. Leave it there until you feel the danger is over. You then release the spell, by taking the paper out of the freezer and using words such as:

"All danger passed

I set you free"

Dispose of the paper in any way you wish. You must never forget to set the other person free, lest you find yourself bound to them for longer than is healthy for either of you. By the laws of cause and effect you must ensure that your actions do not rebound on you.
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