Hekate Spell


Hecate incense
Small bowl containing honey


This is a spell which uses an incantation to Hecate in her capacity as the goddess of thecrossroads. She therefore can assist in the making of important decisions, which is why she is approached in this instance.

Spell Casting


  • Light your incense.
  • Contemplate your decision. If necessary writedown all the options.
  • Stand with your arms in the Goddess position(arms crossed) to acknowledge the presence.
  • Read the incantation below aloud and let theenergy of it flow through you for a fewminutes.



All powerful Hecate, goddess of victory
Bestower of good fortune and infinite wealth
Hear my prayer, that I send through this
sweet-smelling smoke
Wise Watcher of the crossroads and


the forking alleyways
Of sailors, and travellers and all journeying folk
Hear me now as I too humbly make my approach.


  • Raise the bowl of honey and say:

Accept this offering of fresh clear honey
As sweet and as pure as your fine beauty
Bestow divine light
Bring me clarity
Hear my prayer now
As I choose which road.


  • Put the honey bowl down.
  • Raise your arms again in acknowledgementof Hecate.
  • Lower your arms.
  • Sit down quietly, knowing that the answerwill come to you and that you will know which decision to make.

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