Raising the Power


White candle
Brass candlestick
Bowl filled with water
Sea salt in suitable container


This technique is similar to that used when you prepare your sacred space for magical working and employs the four Elements as a basis.

Spell Casting

Place the candle in the candlestick and light it.

Dip your hands in the water then, without drying them, in the salt. Rub your hands together lightly until they feel slightly warm.

Pick up your wand in your most powerful hand and touch the tip lightly to the brass candlestick. Then place the tip of the wand in your other hand, thus completing a circuit.

Sit quietly and contemplate the candle, allowingenergies to flow through you until such times as you either feel a change in energy within yourself or sense that you have no further need to continue.You may then use the energy that you have generated to meditate, heal or care for others

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