Protect a Child


Black or White candle
Florida water (or just plain water)
And some type of offering


To help protect a child

Spell Casting

Carve the name of the child from the bottom to the top of the candle. As you carve the name, visualize the child being wrapped in the divine motherly or fatherly arms. Anoint the candle with the florida water: starting from the bottom and going to the top. Then say:

?Erzulie Dantor (divine mother)
I ask for you to protect (name of child)
With your motherly love and guidance
I give you this offering (present the offering)
And ask for your help
Renmen ak limye


?Dumballah Wedo (Baron or Divine father)
I pray for you to protect (name of child)
With you fatherly wisdom and power
I present you with this offering (present the offering)
Renmen ak limye

Light the candle and let it burn out or snuff it out when you feel you should

This spell was written by CheniereVoo
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