Choosing a Magical Name


You can make up what ever name you so choose. Heres some ideas.


Astrological names

Spell Casting

One good method is to look up your Astrological Constellation. When you find a page that tells about that Constellation. Look at the names of the Stars in it. Such as the Alpha Star which is the brightest Star of that Constellation. You can use that name or any of the other Star names. Simply find one that appeals to you. You can even change the spelling to fit you taste. For example. The Aries Constellation. "Hamal" is the Alpha Star or "Sharatan" is the Beta Star and of coarse "Mesarthim" is Gamma Star. Any one of these names would be great to use. This way you have a connection with that name. You could even use the Genitive name for Aries which is "Arietis". But you can choose any Star name... even if it is not your Constellation.
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