Grow With Nature Spell


A plant of some sort (bonsai tree, flower, herb)
Sunlight (if it is a flower or herb)


Both Nature and Witches use energy. This spell is to show you how much you've grown in your magic by planting a bonsai tree or a flower.

Spell Casting

On a desired sabbat, such as Imbolc, Midsummer, The Witches New Year (Samhain), etc. Or on your birthdate. which ever time works best for you.
Plant a flower, herb, or buy a beautiful bonsai tree. Purify the plant by putting your hands above it and imagine it is glowing white. Chant:

"Om Mani Padme hum" Which is a Buddhist chant/spell that brings blessings and peace and also purifies.

Sit on your knees and Hold the pot that the plant is in, in your hands. Hold it out in front of you and say:
"Mother of magick, hear me out.
Father of freedom, hear me shout.
I ask that this plant shall grow, along with I.
So my spirit and magick can fly.
Mote it be."

Now leave the plant on your altar. So that you can see it everyday. Each time you water it, do a meditation (short or long) or a short growth ritual. So as the plant grows, your spirit grows. than you can see you're spirit growing by looking at the plant.
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