Calm Dreams


A Circle
A candle on which to focus on
A alter


A spell that will help (along with meditation) to calm the dreams. -I made this spell for a lesson ( but thought that I should share it-

Spell Casting

Cast a circle and meditate inside of it for awhile, until you feel calm and at peace with yourself. 

Light a candle in the centre of the alter. Gaze into this and visualise the negative energy in your dreams being burnt.

Then say this:
"Goddess let my dreams be true.
Let them be filled with your love and light.
And let them last all through the night. 
Through candles wax,
And incenses sweet.
I ask of three,
To let this be."

Then let the candle burn out, after sit there for awhile and feel the negative energy being lifted from you. If you feel this it has worked. I must warn though, that this spell was created by me for a class, so may not be as effective as something you make yourself, but feel free to use it as a guide line for making your own similar spell/ritual.
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