13 black candles
black marker or paint
2 red candles
a knife
a pen
a piece of paper
a full moon


will turn you into a vampire i havent tried it so if it works msg me

Spell Casting

get out the marker or paint (must be black!) and make a pentaghram

put the 13 black candles UNLIT around the outside of the pentaghrahm

invoke saitan to help with the spell

now put the 2 red candles on 2 sides of the pentaghram one on the east and one on the west

light the red candles

sit in the middle of the penta ghram and imagine what you will look like after weather it be fangs or whatever and ur powers like super speed strength ect.

then light the black candles counter clockwise

demons demons hear my plea come come answer me come now turn me to a vampire somehow. pale skin grow so white also fangs come in tight i reject my soul to satons side now i put god out of this mide i need this i want this SO MOTE IT BE!

then take the knife and cut yourself where you can drip it on the candle and drip a litte there

u should be a vampire in a weeks time if not sooner
you will have to drink blood
and you will be immortal
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