Neek Brezo Nama


Enough water to be under
A book with the following words(optional)


It allows the user to breath under water.

Spell Casting

In a clear, calm voice, say the following

"Nen neekna brezo nama, reo nen neek ro avio
Mas vala balami anno, zheramo ro daro marno
Ne mazh daro lanotie, nen lorgam kel romo
Co kel nen zheramo vien mazh daro, ro lat marno zherndo."

Dive in the water and breath, but not to deep in case it doesn't work.

To breath air again, say

"Meer balami marno, vala delune e i arn
Co iar yaro lanotinor, teno gari meer damio
Nen canonor yaro zhrgamnor, brezo nama cido ro kor
Nen lorgam vensol calaro, e gandori garu marno."

If done correctly, you should be able to breath under water until you say step 2.
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