Self Healing


3 Purple Candles
3 Blue Candles
1 Photograph of yourself


This spell is for self healing though you can adapt it for someone else.

Spell Casting

Place the candles in a circle around the photograph. Charge each candle individually:


"I charge you by the powers of fire East, South, West, and North;
I charge you by the powers of The Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
I charge you by the powers of The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars:
To heal me of this disease (or ailment) Its causes and its manifestations.
So mote it be!"


Now, after you light each candle, say:


"Burn the sickness in your flame Burn the sickness that would maim.
Burn the illness by your might Burn the illness in your light.
Heal me of illness and pain Heal me of all that is bane.
Heal me and set me free With my will so must it be!"


Do this spell as many nights in a row that you need to.
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