Against Psychic Attack


1 White Candle
1 Red Candle
1 Black Candle


Protection against a psychic attack.

Spell Casting

Light the candle on your altar.

Imagine a blue ball of energy inside the candles. Caress the candles as you chant:


"Goddess of Three, I call upon thee,
to protect from those who wish to harm me.
Keep them from using the gift from thee,
keep them from using thy gift to harm me."


When you finish chanting, imagine the blue ball exploding into lines of blue.
Imagine the lines surrounding you and wrapping you in warm blue energy.
See the blue light as a shield. Know that it is unbreakable.
Think about how it is the Goddess' Light protecting you.
Then put the candles someplace where they can burn undisturbed and let them burn themselves.
Sending all the energy into your shield. This spell is best performed during the full moon.
For longer effects you can make it a seven-day spell.
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