Confidence and Protection


your voice


There are 3 spells to this one, but they are all different. For protection and confidence

Spell Casting

Chant until you feel comfortable enough that it is working.

Protection spell 1:

"Quiet Mind, now be still, 
Focus on what I now will, 
no scattering or though decision, 
I order you to pay attention, 
bring clear focus to details 
enlarge them to scale, 
attend each project one by one, 
grant clarity 'till work is done." 

Protection spell 2:
"Oh, beautiful moon, 
Please protect me soon, 
Join forces with the sun, 
and whisk the anxiety away with your golden gun." 

Confidence spell:
"Love, Hate, Anger, and Sadness, 
All of these emotions I experience everyday, 
And with all of the challenges that influence me, 
I will set forth and put my effort into everything, 
My confidence will grow every time I put my foot forward, 
No one, not even myself, will stop me in my tracks, 
One by one, let my inner self grow 
and keep the fear at bay. 
By the power of three times three 
As I shall it 
So mote it be."
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