Bone Magic Curse


5 Human Thumb Bones
1 Pentacle, Preferably In Wax Or Earth, With A Mound at the Center
1 Knife, Suitable for Flesh Slicing


A simple curse that uses the power of bones.

Spell Casting

1. Arrange the Thumb Bones at the Points of the Star in the Pentacle

This lets you channel the symbolic energy and life energies of the bones to use in the spell.

2. Slice Your Thumb With the Knife and Drip the Blood Onto the Mound

Don't cut your finger off, just draw a few drops of blood.

3. Write Down What You Wish the Curse to Do

Also add blood to this paper.

4. Chant the Curse Into the Sky From Inside the Pentacle

Draw from the energies of the pentacle, your blood, and the thumb bones.

5. Send the Paper to the Victim Thirteen Days Later

Not only will this freak the person out but it will help the effects of the curse find him/her.


Note: This spell can be used for blessing too. Also, don't cut off peoples thumbs for this. Get A graveyard or mortuaries permission before digging up any skeletons.
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