Little Boost


A messy place or room.


Helps to give you a much needed boost of energy to get the job done and help keep you focus.

Spell Casting

Stand in front of the place where the mess is or if it is a room, stand in the middle of it. Look all around you in one complete circle and notice everything that needs to be clean and what you would like for it to look like afterwards, then stop at the end of your one turn.

Look around the room once again slowly in a 360 degree circle and this time chant (with feeling of any kind and you could sing it, if you think it would help):


"The day is short as the day is long
The daily birds are singing their songs
Outside this place, everything is okay at best
But here right now, it is beyond a mess
I have no magickal fairy, or a cleaning maid
So I ask of the energy to guide my way
And help me focus on cleaning this place to pristine
Let nothing little else off track me
Energy, run high within my self
Even more when I distract myslef
Let this spell unravel and become deminished
Only when to my eyes, my job is finished."



(If you came to the end of your circle about part way in the chant, simple stand with feet apart, looking forward.)
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