Evil Eye Binding


White Paper or Patchment Paper
Bat's Blood ink and Writing item
black marker(without above)


This will bind a person from Harming you in anyway.

Spell Casting

Place Sand in the Bowl  and Chant:

Fac apel la deochi vechi, pentru a incanta acest nisip cu putere 

English: I call upon the ancient evil eye, to enchant this sand with power 

Take the Paper and Write the person's Name on it and then Chant

obligati deochi această persoană în numele de noapte şi întuneric. Deci, ei nu pot trimite-mi facă rău sau rea voinţă. după cum doreşte el zeiţa, Mote aşa să fie 

English: evil eye bind this person in the name of the night and darkness. So they may not harm me or send ill will. as the goddess wills it, so mote it be 

Place the paper into the sand and bury. After you do this place it outside your door and left your hands to the sky and bind the spell:

În numele de nyx şi Erebusului, obligati aceasta vraja, astfel încât să fie Mote 

English: In the name of nyx and erebus, bind this spell, so mote it be 

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