Dark Protection


1 Black Candle
1 Dark Blue Candle
Sage For Cleansing
Rosemary Incense


This is a spell for the protection from the people of the Right Hand Path.

Spell Casting

Cast the Circle of the Princes of Hell and Then Call the Dark God Satan and His Goddess Lilith.

Light Dark Blue Candle and Chant:


"I am the Priestess of the Almight God and Goddess,
Their Home is within the Night and Darkness,
I ask with this Candle, I chant my goal of Protection."



Light Sage For Cleansing and Chant:



"Sage, The herb of Cleansing, I ask
you to cleanse me in the Night hour."



Light Rosemary Incense and Then Chant:



"I call upon the Dark God and Goddess,
great protection, May no ill spell come,
to me, On This [Day] in the year of [year] ,
I ask for your protection, for a day and a,
day. As I will It, So Mote it Be."



Proclaim Loudly "Hail Nikusu and Erebosu."

Fan the Rosemary incense smoke on yourself using a blue feather. When you are down with this, Place the incense ashes into a Small Bag and Bury it outside you door.

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