Erase a Bad Memory Spell


Favourite shampoo and shower gel
Rose quartz
Smokey quartz
White candles
Blue candles


This will erase bad memories and to heal and move on from them.

Spell Casting

Light the candles and get in the shower. Place the crystals beside you and think of the memory that you want to forget. Use the shampoo and shower gel to scrub away the feelings and memories of that bad time and let the water wash over you. chant the following:

"Element water I call upon thee
To erase this painful memory
Cleanse me of the hurt and pain
So that I may move on and be healed again
As I will it, so mote it be"

Picture the memory being washed away and you moving on and being happier. do something that makes you feel good- shopping, jogging, reading a good book or whatvever you want. carry around the crystals with you to help you maintain a sense of harmony and peace.
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