Mind to Speech


Candles (6-1
Dust/sand ixed with biocarbanate of soda
Bowl of flammable liquid mixed with white vinegar
Fire blanket (smething to put the fie out if it ges out of control)


Have peope tell you what they ar thinking.

Spell Casting

Put the mat on the floor ouside at night. Place the candles evenly around the mat. Light the candles.
Sit yourself and the person who you want to now what they are thinkig opposite each other with the bowl of flammable liquid mied with white vinagar in the middle.
Get a handful of the dust mixed with biocarbonat of soda. Look into th eyesof the peson opposite. Through the dust to the bowl while saying:


"Lights of the darkness,
serets of the mind,
tell me what you think,
say in what ou find
lights of thedarkness
secrets of the mind
tel me you secrets
stos from behind."


Light a mtch and throug the math into the bowl an repeat the spell.
Grab a handfl of the dust and through it in repeating the spell.
Hold hands and stare into the eyes of the opposite person with the free hand through anothr handful of dust in.
Ask them what they are thinking.
Do not look away from their eye.

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