Spirit Banishing


White Sage
Rosemary (Optional)
One white candle
One silver candle
One purple candle
A Bowl (That is safe to burn herbs in)


Will banish unwanted spirits but keeps and attracts good ones.

Spell Casting

All Windows and Doors must be shut.

Grind the White Sage, Salt and Rosemary (if you have it) together for one minute while they are in the bowl. Arrange the three candles in a triangle, and light them. Burn the herbs under the candle on a full moon.


'Spirit/s be gone,
you are not wanted.
Go from my home,
go far, dont come near.
Stay away, please keep clear.
Im asking you politely,
If you go now I will not smite thee,
If you do not go, the next spell will cause pain to you.
Spirit/s go far, dont come near, stay away, please keep clear.
This is my will, so mote it be.'

If you can smell the herbs, it has worked. Open one window to let the spirit/s escape, and close it shortly after.

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