Cating a Circle


4 Candles- blue,green,white & red


This has been used by all the Witches in my Family and was one of the first spells written in my Family Book of Shadows

Spell Casting

Draw a circle around you and/or your Altar with Salt.
Use the compass to determine the North,South,East & West,
Place the Blue Candle (Water) at East
Place the White Candle (Air) at West
Place the Green Candle (Earth) at South
Place the Red Candle (Fire) at North

With you Athame/Wand Spin slowly around Clockwise starting at South and visualise Good energy pouring out the tip and surroundng you.

Speak 3 times:
"Water & Air at East and West,
Their protection is the Best!

Earth & Fire, South and North,
Their protection sallies forth

In this Circle I have called,
I am safe from one and all!
Blessed Be!"
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