Good Luck




Luck is a wisp of energy, an intangible aura that loosely adheres to your body, then disappears.

Spell Casting

To capture and hold luck, you must focus on your demeanor and gain support from others. Speak openly about how lucky you feel to friends and family. Believe that luck will come your way, then say these words while facing a mirror.

"Goddess Fortuna I humbly request a bit of luck. From your fair providence I do thee pluck. Make others see your shining fortune on me. In your name, I ask this of thee. So mote it be!"

 To enhance this spell and persuade others to acknowledge your good fortune, fill a green witchs bag. Use a bit of tin foil rolled up into small balls, and a tigers eye stone. Now add real cotton, rose hips, nutmeg, orange peel, heather and Irish moss. Carry this bag on your person and place under your pillow at night.
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