Egg Wish


raw egg
piece of paper.
watercolors or magic marker


The Egg Wish Spell for Orthodox Easter

Spell Casting

You may have something you really would like to have or do in your life. While this is not a time to start a new project, it may be time to incubate and hatch an old desire. Make a pinhole at the top of a raw egg. On the bottom, make a small hole that is wide enough to insert a rolled up piece of paper.

Blow the egg out, rinse, and let dry. Carefully paint with watercolors or magic marker a symbol on the egg to represent a planetary influence or deity. Write your wish on a piece of paper, roll it up real tight and place inside the egg. Place this egg on your altar to remind you of your desire and make sure you work toward this goal. When the wish is fulfilled, smash the egg and burn the paper before burying it all in a secret place.

(Boudica for llewellyn)
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