A Simple Love Spell


Rose Quartz
Pink Candle


Spell best used on your significant other to ensure they will not leave you.

Spell Casting

Charge the candle to bring love and light it. then take the pen and draw a heart on the piece of paper. Write the name of the person you wish to love you and then write your name within the heart. Place one hand on the rose quartz, and the other on the paper. channel the loving energy of the quartz into the paper and affirm

''May the power of this stone, and the power of this spell, tie your heart to mine. May the love be never ending and may your eyes never stray to another. It is my will, so shall it be.''

While saying this, visualize your spell taking hold of the person. Fold the paper in half 3 times, then light it on fire with the flame of your pink candle. Make sure it burns all the way. If it doesn't it is an omen that your spell will not take hold. Cast the ashes out on the wind, asking it to cary your spell to the one it is for. Put out the candle, cleanse and ground, and forget about the spell.

This is best used on your significant other to ensure they will not leave you. It's a spell of my creation. Feel free to tweak it if you like. It worked for me as is.

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