Cause and Elemental Fire


A Mat
An eyelash from your eye
A little pinch of your skin
Your Blood (2 drips)
A Firous Flower or red candle
Finger tip


This I like to call innerflamed spell, but this will cause a fire ANYWHERE, exept on people.

Spell Casting

First place the Fireous flower or red candle in the bowl, place the bowl on the mat. Put the eyelash in, put ONE drip of blood on it, too, leaving you with only one more drip of blood. Put the skin in there. Rub the rest of your blood on your finger, then stir the ingredients around 3 times with your finger tip. Then chant this enough times that you think a fire will start:

"I call on day and night,
To start an element fight.
Cause the burning ash to come,
Start a fire, not alot but some.
Elemental war, bring me on,
donnot involve people, or you
will resolve, bring the element
to me, nearest you can go.
Let the fire start, as the
energy drops, then goes."
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