Cord Banishing


1 Black Candle or Black String
1 Black Marker
1 Piece of Paper
Oil that relates to what you are banishing


Banishing spell that is easy to follow.

Spell Casting

Take the paper and write the persons name on one side or your request what you want banished. Then take the oil that pertains to your situation and mark the paper. Say what the problem is or situation that you want banished. Light your candle. Visualize the problem burning away as you stare into the flame and as the wax drips envision the situation dissolving into nothing. After the candle burns completely, discard it away from your yard.

An alteration of the banishing is take a black rope, string etc. and wrap the paper around it while reciting: '' I bury & I bind this situation (or this person). '' Then take it and bury it. If not able to bury the string (cord), then burn it while visualizing your issue burning to nothing but ash. Then bury the ashes or blow them into the wind and ask for it to be carried away.
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