Witches Besom


Birch Twigs
A Branch from an Ash wood tree
Shoots of Willow


Will tell you what to make your Besom out of and a verse for flight.

Spell Casting

Find a branch from an Ash wood tree, make sure its big enough to be a handle, compare it o a normal brooms handle. Attach the Birch twigs to one end by tying it on with the Willow shoots. Once the shoots are tied tightly, make sure the twigs won't fall out, get rather long twigs so it won't look odd and your done.

I'm going to include a flight part on this spell but as I mentioned before it is old folklore and am unaware if it will work. I can't try it myself cause I do not have the materials here in my country.

What you do is take this Aconite (other wise known as monkshood, wolfsbane, leopard's bane, women's bane, Devil's helmet or blue rocket). Mount your broom and say: 'Horse and hattock! Away! Away! Hear me! Hear me! Horse and hattock! Away! Away!' now apparently you should fel the broom give a little hop, if this happens run and chant the words I typed above then jump and see what happens! Please provide me with feedback if you do try the second part of the broom.


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