Fast Protection Spell


You don't necessarily need anything but this can come in handy:





An easy spell to be protected from evil spirits and other evil entities.

Spell Casting

This is an spell that only have a temporarily effect, enough (if cast right) to flee whatever evil is attacking you. At first look you get of the evil chant this:

The strength I miss
I ask you now, masters of all
Enhance my power
Protect me now

While chanting this, visualize a protective circle form around you.
By wearing a necklace/bracelet/ring you can use it as a origin to form an extra skin around your self, this will make it possibly to move around with the shield still intact, this may work without such circle as origin but it will increase chances that the shield will hold with you moving.

Always carry a pinch of salt with you as it can temporarily disturb the evil who's after you. This spell will only work to protect you for a while and to use it often may give a weaker protection thou you lend some power from the forces around you.
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