7 Magick Coins of Prospertiy


* A small bag (preferably one with drawstrings,
like a charm bag...)

* 7 leaves from the closest "flowering"
bush or plant to your home.

* 7 blades of grass, pulled from the closest
patch of grass to your home.


To help you with money

Spell Casting

STEP 1: Create a basic altar setup in your
home or outside...

STEP 2: Place the 7 coins in your bag, one
at a time. Each time you place a coin in
the bag, visualize a different "prosperity"
miracle happening in your life. (Example:
when you put the first coin in, visualize
yourself getting an unexpected refund check,
or finding some money.)

STEP 3: Place the leaves in your bag one
at a time. Each time you put one in say:

"As this leaf has grown, so will my luck
and prosperity. I charge this leaf to
attract (whatever you desire)."

So you'll attach a different desire to
each leaf as you place it in the bag.

Make sure you are realistic in your
desires...don't get greedy.

STEP 4: Place each blade of grass in the
bag. As you put each one in say:

"This blade of grass represents a
responsibility. Over the next 7 days
I will (a small thing you can do to
help someone feel good)."

So, you'll give yourself a different
simple task to do over the next 7
days, for each blade of grass.

Keep these simple. One could be to
"Hug my mother and tell her how much
I love her."

Just simple things that will make
someone smile.

Also, make a list so you don't

STEP 5: Place the charm bag somewhere
close to your front door.

STEP 6: You're done! Over the next
7 days, do each simple task you
said you'd do when putting in the
blades of grass... (make sure these are
simple things that take only a minute
or 2...)

And over the next few weeks, you'll
begin to see some very unexpected
little miracles happen... I think
you'll be very happy with what happens.
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