Power an Object


Stone or Crystal that has a spirit trapped in it
Will and focus
Ability to see spirits


I will take you step by step on how to inpower an object with the power of a spirit.

Spell Casting

The first step is to have an object or tool that you wish to empower with a spirit. Now you need to git the stone or Cristal that has the trapped spirit in it. Next you need to holed the spirit trapped stone or Cristal in your left hand. now lightly touch the object or tool you wish to empower with the trapped spirit's power with your right hand. Now you need to visualize the trap spirit being freed out of the stone or Cristal into the object or tool and say,


"Spirit release in to the______!"


(Repeat this chant until you sine the whole spirit trapped in the tool or object of your desire) in the (___)

You will say the object or tool you wish to empower with the spirits energy.

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