Boys for Girls


1 teaspoon of prince charmings blood
1 teaspoon of your blood
1 teaspoon of vannila essence
1 tear drop from a newborn.
half a cup of crushed cherries
2 cups
Mixing spoon
Water 1/2 a cup
Tablespoon of sugar.


Make boys fall in love with girls. Get your prince charming in your heart. Become an item.

Spell Casting

First put chrushed cherries in bowl.
Then add the vannila essence and the sugar.
Now add the water. Mix it well.
After a good mix add prince charmings blood.
Add the teardrop and mix to gether.
Pour into blender and blend it while saying:

"Combined thy sweetness of thy mixture within
turn this sweetness into love.
When he drinks this
shall his heart be made of happyness
sent from above."

"Blend untill drinkable.
Pour into each cup evenly.
Drink all the potion."


Good luck!
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