Wand Creation


Stick of Wood ect. rose,oak,elm
5 white candles
Bowl of Water,Soil
Red candle


The title says it all.

Spell Casting

Take your stick of wood ect. rose,oak,elm
and carve into point, so it looks like a wand... you can also add a design if you want
Once you have finished you need to mark a Pentagram with salt on your Altar
Place the 5 white candles at the points
Next to them on one side, have the Bowl of Water and the Feather
On the Other side have the Bowl of Soil and the Red Candle



"Elemental forces far and wide
Enchant these so those cant hide
air, earth, fire and water
come here and stay.
Make this stick into a Wand
So that it may assist me.
This is my will, so mote it be!"

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