Protection from sickness


1 piece of sandalwood per person
a red tea light candle
Lavender oil


this spell will protect you from any sickness

Spell Casting

1. Put about 3 drops of lavender oil onto 5 candles but try not to get it on the wick.
2. Light one of the candles whilst saying
"spirit please protect me from sickness and decease"
3. Repeat for the other 4 candles.
4. Sit cross legged whilst breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
5. Once you feel that the spirit has granted your wish blow out the candles and dip the piece of sandalwood in the wax and hang in your room
6 If you feel like you are getting sick just sit near the sandalwood and chant
"I feel the sickness coming back to me
spirit please rid it from me
and protect me for a little longer"
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