Forcefield from Dark Magic


3 people (optional but this is far more effective)


This spells creates an invisible forcefield around you or others that protects you from witchcraft were ever you go.

Spell Casting

Ask your freinds to join hands .Then draw a circle in the sand. Meditate. In your mind think protective thoughts. Center the energies into your core to block out dark thoughts. Then imagine shooting out these energies to form a force field. Picture a bubble around your friends. Now make up your own prayer and say it to the protective deity or use this one:


"Spirits of love ,strength and,hope .
Band toghether.
Godess of power,Queen of all magic make us a light in the dark.
Blessed be!Blessed be! Blessed be!"



If you feel that the spell wanes just picture the shield and say a quick prayer to your god.

Live well and be happy.
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