Square piece of cloth (bigger the cloth, bigger the sachet), fresh soil, something to tie it shut.


The Bag of Stability: Having trouble keeping grounded or stable? Try this little talisman out.

Spell Casting

What to do:

Get your cloth and set it on a table. Relax. While making the bag, visualize yourself as being grounded and that you have roots going deep down inside the earth. Pour the dirt in the middle of the cloth and then bring up all the sides so you have a little baggy (sachet) of dirt. Get your string and tie it securely. Hold the bag in your hand and say this charm while still visualizing:

"Earthen sachet I hath wrought,
Keep me stable throughout all thought.
No matter what may cause affliction,
Oh Earthen sachet, keep my earthy connection."

Carry the sachet of earth somewhere on your person. Repeat weekly or when you feel the need for it.
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