Wishes Come True


Candle (For love Red, For healing green or white, For success Purple,For destroying enemy Black, For money Orange)
A piece of paper matching with candle colour
A pen matching with candle colour
Faith in the impossible


Even if the wish seems out of reach or impossible, this spell is the one to use. It has worked for me many a time. I must add it only works with white magic, so no messing with free will.

Spell Casting

Write your name and date of birth on the piece of paper, followed by your wish.

End it with this:

"While many without faith may dismiss
I promise I will always believe in this wish
And in the things I am yet to learn
So grant me this wish I soulfully yearn."

Fold the paper 3 times.

Now light the candle and burn the paper while repeating the phrase above.

Move the candle to somewhere safe and let it burn out.

It might a bit of time for the wish to happen, but it will, unless what you wished for wasn't white magic or unless the spirits saw it wasn't what you needed, although this happens very rarely. For Good reason, cast it in  Full mon, for bad reason cast it in Waning moon. 


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