Turn into a Creature


1 white candle
1 pink candle
1 piece of paper
1 pencil or pen
Something sharp


Basically this spell will turn you into any creature you wish.

Spell Casting

First make sure you know what you want to turn into. Because if you decide you dont like it after you change there is nothing you can do. Until I can make a strong enough reversal spell. Light the candles.

Next take the piece of paper and head it with the creature you want. On the lines below list the characteristics you would like to have as this creature ex* super speed, strength, beauty.

Then write this spell towards the bottom of the page."Witch goddess Hecate hear my plea. Turn me into the creature i wish to be and in return I will spill my blood upon these candles. But also you can take something dear from me. And in this time I am indebted to you. Please take this offering and turn me into this creature so mote it be".

Then make sure this is what you want one last time.Then recite the spell out loud.Then after words take the blade knife or w/e and cut yourself somewhere so you can spill the blood on both candles in the flame as an offering to Hecate.

Then blow out the candles and your done.

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