Unbreakable Luck Spell


Holy water
Ring silver only


This spell is not difficult but if on wrong turn and it turns in to a bad luck spell.

Spell Casting

To make this work you must set up a room with no sound and no other people but you if there is they will get the luck and all the luck in you.

So first put the salt and the clover in a bowel and crush them together
then throw away to mushy clover.
Know put the salt in a ring around the ring and in a line through it

Then chant 3 times:


"Fortuna vivere se fortunam
per anulum
quibus habitant potestatem meam."



The power is in the ring.

Chant 3 times:


"Quibus habitant per anuli mei iuris
mihi autem nunc per ot sit

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