Truth Spell


1 white candle
fire proof dish/container
inscribing tool


To know the truth of a situation or question.

Spell Casting

Use this spell when you are really torn, and cannot choose.

  • Make sure that a truth spell is the way you want to go, sometimes the truth is not always what we want to hear!

On a slip of paper write the word 'truth', wrap this around the center of the candle and tie in place with some thread. place the candle on the pentacle to charge it with the powers of truth. When you feel the candle is properly charged remove the paper and thread and burn it.

Now inscribe the candle with the word 'truth' and light it saying: 'As I light this flame of gold, I command the truth to be told, those who know the truth will tell, by the powers of the spell'. Now on a second slip of paper write what it is you wish to know or are having trouble deciding about E.g 'Marry Joe or marry Charlie' or 'Keep job or quit' Once you have written what you wish to know fold the slip of paper into a thin taper, put a pinch of salt into the candle to make it sparkle (salt is a powerful spiritual cleanser and protector) hold the paper above the flame and say:
'True or False, yes or no,
To the fire it shall go.
True or false, yes or no,
Let it go, let it go.
To inner fire set it free,
Fire knows how it should be.
Know the answer, right or wrong,
Fire knows it all along.'

Set your taper on fire and watch it burn completely.

Say: 'So mote it be.'

Allow the candle to burn down.
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