Vampire Charm


One Or Two Red Candles


A spell to bring Vampire-like Charm.

Spell Casting

Note: This spell will not make you a Vampire.
You don't want to be a Vampire, Believe me.
So don't cast this spell expecting to become a bloodsucker.

For ages, Vampires have been known to be dangerous, mysterious, And sometimes even a bit of an outcast.
But Vampire's always have "this thing" about them that makes them irresistible to Humans.
They have a dark charm that makes mortals' heads spin.
How else would they get so many donors?

This spell will not make you a Vampire, but It will give you the charm of one.
Now the results depends on how well you cast the spell and what kind of person you are.
Don't cast this spell expecting to have guys/girls faint around you.
It will mostly just make people like you and feel attracted to you for reasons they can't quite explain.

If you have any questions, let me know.
Feel free to tell me how the spell is working out for you when you cast it as well. =)

Now onto the spell....

Light the red Candle(s) and set them before you on your altar.
Close your eyes and relax. Just relax and try to keep your mind focused.

Imagine glowing red smoke coming from the candle(s) and surrounding you. Covering you completely.

Repeat the following three times:

"Crimson Eyes
Pale White Skin.
Vampire Charm
Draw you in.

Razor Fangs
Close your eyes
May this charm
never die."

Once you cast the spell and close your magickal circle.
You will become irresistible to mortals
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