Wreath of Protection


12 Garlic Bulbs
(All of the following are optional,but use them if you have them for more protection)
Freshly cut Aloe Vera
Iron Beads
Mustard Seed
Packets Filled With Salt


Magickal Protection

Spell Casting

STEP 1: Create a wreath from at least
one dozen garlic bulbs.
Make sure to use TWELVE garlic bulbs
in the wreath, no more, no less.

STEP 2: Decorate the wreath with
lodestones, pieces of freshly cut
aloe vera, charms, iron beads, and
packets filled with salt, and
mustard seed. (These are all optional,
but use them if you have them for
more protection)

STEP 3: Hang the wreath on your
front door so it radiates magickal
protective power
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