Bringing the Rain


Bag of rice (optional)


This is a simple spell where you don't need anything. You can make rain come while helping the earth cool down and helping the plants grow.

Spell Casting

First go outside, and believe this spell will work. You have to have a strong belief if you want to do this spell.

Look at the sky, and say:



"God of thy sun,

you've dried up the earth,

now it is time for rain's rebirth.

Nourish the crops,

Give them life,

Let them grow,

without strife.

Cool the air,

Release the warm,

Give the earth care,

Let rain swarm!"




Then imagine the rain pouring down, watering the crops and cooling the earth. If you want, you can ask the god of rain to aid your spell and leave the rice as an offering. That's all, blessed be! )O(
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