Revenge Spell


Quiet, low light room
Cauldron filled with water
Fog machine or air purifier


This spell is for the people who are being constantly annoyed or bothered by mean people.

Spell Casting

Think of all the mean horrible things that the person has said about you or two you. Really think about how it made you feel.
1. Turn on fog/purifier
2. Take in deep breaths of it
3. Chant:


" Let ______ feel this pain he/she has brought me,
all the angry, fear, worries and pleas,
Onto them the fears and worries that I face,
3 times worse for them it will be,
he/she will stop and see,
that the fates have turned upon to thee."


4. Blow the fog around in the cauldron and now the deed is done.
5. Give it a while, but the fates will have turned and soon they will see.
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