This is form of energy manipulation, but in a darker way.

Spell Casting

Lunar energy drawing: Sit in a dark room and see the shadows of the room entering your being,charging you.

Lunar energy drawing: This is something I myself created. Sit in a room (dark or lights on) and visualise the darkness coming from the ground and surrounding you like a wall of darkness,see it spinning with spirits of darkness,Now see these spirits coming inside you,one by one.

Dark ball: Now as you have gathered enough dark energies,visualise the dark energy flowing inside your body and send them to your hands and project the dark energies out,and form it into a ball.

Dark sap: Take any living thing (plant,animal or human) and see a cord of purple energy coming from your victim and into your hand and just sap the energy from them. I visualise it like this,see the victims aura and as you sap the energy see their aura reducing,until all of it is gone.

Dark death: This is a dangerous practice that i cannot post it,if you want to know this,then message me.
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