A Very Powerful Money Spell


1 Green candle (for earth and money)
1 White candle (for purity and spiritual)
1 red candle (for fire)
1 Blue candle (for water)
1 Gold candle (or yellow for air)
A piece of your hair (or anything that comes off your body easily)
a cloth bag
An altar
A belief in magic
A voice
A good memory (to remember the spell without the paper or book you read it off of)


If you are broke or very short on money, try this spell. You will need a lot of ingredients though.

Spell Casting


Take the candles and light them and put them in a circle on your altar. Put the white at the top, and the other colors anywhere. Take your hair (or other thing)and put it in the middle. Take your cloth bag and put it in the middle also. Make sure to remember the spell because you have to concentrate on the candles and not the book or paper you read the spell off of.

Pick your hair up (or other thing)and stare into the green candle and say:

"With this one strand of hair,
I will get wealthy because it's fair,
I invoke the spirits and want to say,
I need money, O I need it today."

The next time you say it, stare at the white candle, then the blue, then the red, then the gold/yellow.

Then after you're done doing that, take the bag and put the strand of hair in it. Then finish off the spell by saying:

"I will be wealthy,
I will be healthy,
With this strand of hair,
I will get my money,
And it will be fair."

Carry the strand of hair with you always. Blessed Be!

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