Charge Cards


A pack of cards(casino,spanish etc)
A wand
Your own altar with a pentagram


This spell is to charge a pack of cards with the power to tell what will be on your future.

Spell Casting

Casino Cards:

Hearts means love
Swords means strength
Flowers means growth
Diamonds means money
Kings,Queens and Jacks means leaderness and richness
Jokers mean friends


Spanish Cards:

Gold means money
Cups means food
Swords means strength
Sticks means nature
Fools means jobs
Kings means leaderness


Casino cards: if the queen of hearts is pick up that means love and leaderness, richness
Spanish cards: if the kings of sticks is pick up that means nature and leaderness

Spell Casting:
Put the pack of cards on the pentagram in the altar and point the pack of cards with your wand and say:



"Pack of cards, I need you to say my future and help me on my path of my life. So mote it be."
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